2020-2021 Season,  Suffrage

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Questions and Comments from the Suffrage audio performance event at Pioneer Village

  • I loved the creativity of doing a walk-through radio play! Where did you get the inspiration to do something in this format?

From director Emily Trejo – I was trying to think of a way of engaging people with the world of the play. I had been through the Pioneer Village before and I thought it would be a great way to engage the audience with this show while still able to have a COVID friendly performance.


  • I knew the radio play was the planned format, but I thought it was profound to be in the homes of women like the characters as I listened.


  • It was a wonderful and unique performance. I really enjoyed it and am so grateful I came.


  • I really love the music in the beginning and end. Was the show based on real people?

From director Emily Trejo – Ruth and Frances are not real people, the show itself is historical fiction. But many of the thoughts and ideas are based on actual ideas during the time. You also hear names of real people in the show like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.


  • This reflects a part of history that is not often discussed. Good thing these women were strong and determined.


  • I thought this was amazing. While walking around the space it was fun to imagine the characters. I think it would be cool if each scene would take place in a different place.


  • I loved it. It closely reflected the history we have of one of the ancestral families of my husband.


  • Well done! I really felt all the emotions. I especially enjoyed the setting.


  • I got chills standing in a pioneer home listening to this pioneer story. How did this event “on location” change your interpretation of the story?

From director Emily Trejo – It brought to my attention how much these women really struggled. They did not have access to many things we have access to and they were just doing the best they could with what they had.



  • Elizabeth Funk

    Thank you for creating this play. I listened to it from home, from the link on the dramaturgy site. What this play did for me was help me realize that as difficult as some issues are to balance between the world and our church culture, they were much more difficult in the late 1800’s! When I think of how isolated communities were, women’s continual preoccupation with what to feed their families, how to make ends meet, how to clothe their families with even one set of clothes, and the bias against giving women the right to vote or to do anything outside the home, I can’t even imagine how anyone had time to worry about women’s rights. We are familiar with inconveniences today, but the sacrifices we make rarely involved the difficult choices these women faced. This play gives such insight into the conflicts so many women of this time period must have felt inside. The struggle within each woman and the struggle in society was much more difficult than I ever realized. Hooray for our pioneer ancestors who fought on despite their daunting daily survival. And so timely! Let’s make sure we VOTE!
    Thanks for all the info on 4th Wall Dramaturgy, too.

    • sgraham

      These are excellent thoughts, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for sharing. I, too, shout HOORAY for amazing pioneer women like these. And I second your call to get out and VOTE!

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