2016-2017 Season,  Macbeth

What is BYU Young Company?

by Jessa Cunningham, dramaturg

11187803_934517939916641_6821388596940476466_oOne of the coolest things about this production of Macbeth is that after the show closes at BYU, it will play other places for a while. That’s right, the cast of this show will go on tour, and visit many different elementary schools in the area over the course of a couple months! That way, more children are reached and get to see these famous Shakespeare characters come to life! That’s all thanks to the BYU Young Company.

What is Young Company? It’s a training ground for both actors and training artists that want to work in theatre for young audiences. They facilitate interaction with children of all ages, and get them involved and excited about theatre with the shows they perform. Each year, the Young Company performs for more than 16,000 young people! They oftentimes do workshops and activities in the schools they visit, which help to nurture a strong relationship with the audiences they meet.

This year, they have decided to bring Shakespeare’s Macbeth to life, and it couldn’t be cooler. The actors, designers, and director are all working incredibly hard so this show touches all who see it. They are making something truly special for the children– you won’t want to miss it!  It will be a treat for everyone involved.

During the run of the show, you’ll come to get to know the members of the cast and others involved with the show, so keep in touch!


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