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2019-2020 Season

Synopsis of The Magic Flute


Act I

The Prince Tamino rushes onto the stage, pursued by a fearsome serpent. Exhausted and terrified, he collapses just as three mysterious ladies appear and bring down the beast by use of magic. They emerge from behind the mountain, and examine the unconscious Tamino. They then spirit away to tell their queen of his arrival.

Tamino awakens, and hears someone approaching. It is Papageno, a humble birdcatcher. He sings of his ease in catching birds, adding that he unfortunately cannot capture women in the same way. Tamino introduces himself, and the two become fast friends.

The ladies arrive again, and tell Tamino that their queen has tasked him with a special quest. Her daughter Pamina has been stolen by a man named Sarastro, and Tamino may be the solution she has been waiting for. The queen herself arrives and completes the story, adding that Tamino can wed Pamina if he is successful in recovering her. Left with a portrait of the Princess, Tamino pines over her beautiful features, and sets off with Papageno to find Sarastro’s temple. The three ladies appear again and give him a magic flute, which they say will protect him from harm. They also give Papageno magic bells, which they say should have a similar effect. They also introduce three spirits, who will appear and guide them when needed.

Meanwhile, Pamina is imprisoned within Sarastro’s temple by her devilish captor, Monostatos. Alone and afraid, Papageno finds her. Before they make their escape, the two sing hopefully of finding their other halves.

Outside of the temple, three spirits lead Tamino to a series of doors, warning him to be brave and steadfast. A priest appears, and warns Tamino of the Queen’s deceit. Tamino wrestles with the idea that Sarastro is actually a good man, and eventually decides to enter the temple to continue his search for Pamina.

At the same time, Papageno and Pamina have been caught escaping by Monostotos. As the slaves surround them with chains, Papageno plays his bells. As if by a spell, they drop their chains and dance off the stage, hypnotized by the music.

Sarastro enters, and the two lovers meet for the first time. Monostatos runs in, arguing that Pamina is his, but is rebuked by Sarastro. It is then announced that Tamino must undergo trials of wisdom in order to wed Pamina.

  15 minute intermission

  Act II 

The priests tell Tamino that the first trial is a vow of silence. Tamino keeps it, but Papageno is dissuaded when the three ladies appear and attempt to trick Tamino into speaking.

Meanwhile, the broken Monostatos attempts to kiss the sleeping Pamina. The Queen of the Night appears, and orders him to withdraw. He hides himself. The Queen wakes Pamina and demands that she kill Sarastro, furnishing her with a massive dagger. Pamina attempts to refuse, but the Queen is relentless in her charge, driven by the desire for a powerful pendant given to Sarastro by her late husband which has the power to control the day. She leaves Pamina in tears just as Monostatos returns to confront her about the murder. He offers her the choice to marry him in exchange for his silence, but she refuses. Sarastro, hearing everything, then enters and forgives Pamina, explaining that revenge has no place in the Temple of the Sun.

An image of two actresses on stage

As they endure their trials, Papageno complains of thirst. An old woman appears offering him a glass of water, which he accepts. Before he can find out more, she disappears with a crash of thunder. Pamina wanders in, and attempts to speak to Tamino. Bound by the vow of silence, however, Tamino cannot reply. She begins to wonder if he loves her at all. As she exits the old woman enters again, proposing marriage to Papageno and warning him that if he does not accept, he will be imprisoned forever in the dark labyrinth of the temple. He reluctantly agrees, and she reveals herself to be his long-awaited mate, Papagena. Ecstatic, the two embrace, but are separated by a priest, who says that Papageno is unworthy of her.

Meanwhile, Pamina contemplates suicide, but is stopped by the three spirits, who assure her that Tamino still loves her.

The armoured men lead in Tamino, who is set to complete his trials of fire and water. Pamina agrees to undergo them with him, which gives Tamino great courage. They undergo the trials victoriously, and celebrate with the inhabitants of the temple.

The Queen and her ladies are lead into the temple by Monostatos during all of this, and attempt to destroy the temple. However, the temple’s magic dispels them, vanquishing them into eternal night.

Tamino and Pamina are joined, and Sarastro and the priests celebrate their union as the curtain falls.

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December 03, 2022 08:05 AM
One of the first things many people think of when they hear the word Christmas is gifts. Gifts and Christmas have been interchangeable for a very long time in our world’s history. But over time, what people think of as gifts has shifted. Each new era or generation defines it differently. There were monetary gifts such as gold, frankincense, and myrrh in the days of Christ, when all things were handcrafted and only the wealthiest of people could have precious ore or spices from distant lands. Or perhaps, during the great wars of the twentieth century, a gift of war bonds was precious when patriotism and the survival of the world made things like toys seem trivial to many. Now, everyone wants the latest iPhone or the newest technology. Throughout our lives, what we want also changes. Gifts shift from toys, games, and candy to technology or clothes–all inconsequential things that provide short-term entertainment. However, all of these things fade and have less impact on our true joy. Joy can really be found in the simple things of life.
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Cultural Exchanges

December 03, 2022 07:15 AM
During planning for Christmas Around the World, Jeanette reached out to people who had the opportunity to tour and represent the United States this summer. I had the opportunity to go to tour in Spain with American Rhythm and the opportunities we had to meet people and learn about their cultures and their experiences, were truly incredible. We were asked about our experiences with meeting other people and what it was like to share cultural gifts with them. These questions were used to get answers from dancers and their answers were in the videos and audio you will see and hear throughout the show. These are the more detailed versions of my personal answers.
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Gifts of Music and Cultures: Poland

December 02, 2022 10:02 PM
Throughout our time in Spain we had the opportunity to meet so many people from all around the world. From Mexico, Poland, Bulgaria, and of course Spain, we were able to meet so many amazing people and make so many amazing connections. We didn’t all speak the same language, many of them didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak many of their languages. So relying on the power of song and dance, we were able to connect through different aspects.
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