2015-2016 Season,  Water Sings Blue

Shimmer and Run: Communicating with Poetry

by Spencer Duncan, dramaturg

How can we effectively communicate with poetry?

According to the national poetry-reading contest, Poetry Out Loud, every line and word in a poem has meaning. This was confirmed during a visit from Kate Coombs to the actors of Water Sings Blue. If we can understand the tones and connotations of words, possible symbols, and moments of irony and humor, we will find meaning and new life in poetry.

Then, we can share that meaning and life with others. When reciting poems, clear diction is needed. Recitations should not be sing-song, but should express what meaning the reciter has found. Vocal inflections, breath, and tempo all are tools reciters can use, and were tools Water Sings Blue director Teresa Dayley Love focused on, when working with her cast.

For more poetry advice, go to katecoombs.com, where you’ll also find writing tips in general, lesson plans, and more. You can even ask Kate to give a workshop or review manuscripts.

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You can also see poetry in action tonight as the Water Sings Blue cast celebrates their opening night!

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