2020-2021 Season,  Illusionary Tales

Real Life Experiences with La Llorona

by Emily Trejo, dramaturg

In Mexican culture, it is not uncommon to hear of people’s experiences with many of the creatures in their folklore. One may say these stories are made up, used to frighten children. And though I would mostly agree with you, there is one legend I do believe in, La Llorona. I have never personally had an experience with her, but my grandma has. My grandma is not a superstitious woman so I believe every word she says. To listen to her story click on the video below. An English translation has also been provided if you do not understand Spanish.


Artist rendering of La Llorona

As my abuelita says, after La Llorona cries, something happens to your family. That night after she cried, all the dogs in town began to howl at once. The dogs knew she was there and were aware of the omen she brought with her. Later that same day my grandma heard what La Llorona had brought to the family. When La Llorona cried, a huge fight broke out among the family. Two of the cousins were angry with one another and began to fight. Out of rage they each grabbed a knife and started going at each other. One cousin lost all his fingers on one hand and the other had a huge gash in one of his cheeks. The cousins each lost a part of themselves that day, but La Llorona got what she wanted.


Abuelita and La Llorona

La Llorona Story English Translation


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