2013-2014 Season,  The Selfish Giant

Opening Week is Here!

By Tara Nicole Haas

In honor of opening night last Friday, I wanted to share this sneak peek video clip and some photos to inform and hopefully excite everyone to come see this remarkable show! Although there have been various adaptations of “The Selfish Giant” throughout the years since it was published in 1888, there have been no notable theatre adaptations. We are confidant that this adaptation will impress. With the use of puppetry, stilt walking, projections, and the stunning design elements that are incorporated, there is plenty for everyone of all ages to enjoy. “The Selfish Giant” is much more than spectacle though- it is a touching story with a surprisingly heartwarming message of love and redemption. I sincerely hope you enjoy this video, and come to see more in our production of “The Selfish Giant.”

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