2013-2014 Season,  Light in the Piazza

Meet the Cast – Michael Milkanin as Fabrizio Naccarelli

by Kristen Leinbach, Dramaturg

In The Light in the Piazza, not only are the beauties of triumphs and struggles shared with us between a mother and daughter but we also are able to join Clara on a journey to find and experience the love found between what can only be called true love.  As Clara and Margaret vacation in Florence, Clara meets a young Italian named Fabrizio.  They fall in love and begin to build a relationship that will not only present challenges but also new found discoveries and joys.  Michael Milkanin who portrays Fabrizio in BYU’s production of The Light in the Piazza stated the following…

“Hi! I’m Michael Milkanin, from Riverton, Utah, and a Senior in the BFA Music Dance Theatre Major. I have had so many amazing opportunities over my years here at BYU. I was able to play Slave Master Dance Feature in The Phantom of the Opera and Phil Davis in White Christmas, as well as travel with the BYU Young Ambassadors and the Contemporary Dance Theatre. I could not be more than thrilled to be doing this show with the amazing cast and crew.

When I first saw clips of Piazza, I was completely enthralled. My high school theatre teacher showed us during class and I remember thinking that this was a very special show. The main things that really drew me to my character [Fabrizio] were his lack of emotional inhibition; he feels what he feels and he expresses it, he lives his life in the Here and Now, and he puts a big emphasis on family relationships. These characteristics are what I feel best characterize Fabrizio and how I like to approach him in rehearsal. I try and find myself in a very loving, happy, and emotional available place as we start each rehearsal and let the immensely talented cast around me help influence the choices I make.”

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