2013-2014 Season,  Light in the Piazza

Meet the Cast – Alicia Shumway as Franca Naccarelli

By Kristen Leinbach, Dramaturg

As we continue to explore relationships and the various types of relationships we form in this life, The Light in the Piazza provides many opportunities to see not only the positive but the trials that can come from love.  France and Gusieppe Naccarelli feel in love only to watch that love dwindle and fade due to selfish choices.  Alicia Shumway, who portrays Franca, shared the following about her experiences with Piazza…

“I am a music dance theatre major with an editing minor.  I am from Tokyo, Japan and I will be graduating soon.  I essentially do nothing aside from school!

photo (12)

Piazza rehearsal from left to right – Tyler Hatch, Alicia Shumway, Chase Elwood, Michael Milkanin

I died happy when we knew that BYU was doing Piazza; there’s nothing else I’d rather be busy with. It’s one of my very favorite show, and I am ecstatic to be a part of it my last year at BYU! Working with people who all believe in the work is a wonderful feeling.

I got attached to Piazza because it’s about broken people. Fighting for happiness, maybe not necessarily succeeding, and then being drastically turned around by or experiencing moments of rescue from others. Every human feels inadequate, and all people desperately need people: I think that’s why this show is so powerful. You don’t have to be something specialized to strongly identify with it.”

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