2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

Backstage at the “Princess Academy” Photo Shoot

by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg

Esa (Rachel Heath), Frid (Leah Hodson), Britta (Claire Eyestone), and Gerti (Tearza Foyston) get ready for the camera

One fun moment in every show is when you get to take the publicity photos. Usually it is the first time that members of the cast get into full costume, make-up, and hair and fully create their characters for others. It is also a chance for the director to find that one image that effectively conveys the mood, message, and style of the show to the audience.

For Princess Academy, director Megan Sanborn Jones wanted to concentrate on 3 things:

1. The Academy girls

2. The books

3. The mountain

As Shannon Hale has stated that one of her major influences in creating Mt. Eskel was our very own Wasatch mountains, we decided to gather the girls and their books and head up Provo Canyon.

mountainThis girls eagerly headed up to our final destination:

walking down the streetOnce there, our designers helped the magic happen:

looking at ipad
Make-up designers Valeri Day and Celena Kurogi show images to Britta (Claire Eyestone) and Liana (Sherry Henry)

Many minds (including photographer Mark Philbrick) collaborated together to get the perfect shot:

background1To create the magic of our final shot, our prop designer (Scott Jackson) took some extra shots of the books flying through the air:

booksEventually, it all came together!

The Academy girls!: Miri (Aubrey Bench), Britta (Claire Eyestone), Gerti (Tearza Foyston), Esa (Rachel Heath), Frid (Leah Hodson), Liana (Sherry Henry) and Katar (Meagan Flinders)

Only one more week until we open!


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