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A Word Sung on BYU’s Vaudeville Would Smell As Sweet …

by Pollyanna Eyler, dramaturg

Can you match these “WORDS” about “WORDS” on the left, with the famous musicals (as shown at BYU) on the right?

(2012@BYU) My Fair Lady
  1. __________________________________

Then one day, I learned a word that saved my aching nose,

The biggest word you ever heard and this is how it goes.








(2013@BYU) Sound of Music marionettes
  1. ___________________________________

I’d like to say a word in her behalf,

Maria makes me laugh.







(2017@BYU) Mary Poppins
  1. __________________________________

Words, Words, Words, I’m so Sick of Words,

I get words all day through, first from him, now from you

Is that all you blaggards can do?

Never do I ever want to hear another word, there isn’t one,

I haven’t heard.

Here we are together in what ought to be a dream;

Say one more word and I’ll scream!


[Answers will be posted on Monday, October 2, 2017 in the blog post, “Answers to the Study Guide”, so don’t forget to check back!]


What are some of your favorite lyrics from musicals?

What are some of your top picks? Put your links and ideas in the “Comments Section” at the end of this blog, thanks for sharing!

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