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Behind the Scenes of Go, Dog. Go!

By Isabella Beals November 09, 2022 07:34 PM
While bringing a show to life is always an exciting challenge, BYU’s recent production of Go, Dog. Go! has provided many unique opportunities for our design team to prove that their bark is just as big as their bite! Read on to learn about the behind-the-scenes process of putting up this show for young audiences. Read Full Story

Merry Widow – Company Bios

By Pollyanna Eyler October 18, 2022 04:44 PM
Cast and Crew(listed alphabetically by first name) Read Full Story

The Merry Widow Dramaturgy Note

By Pollyanna Eyler October 18, 2022 04:32 PM
Opera productions are three parts passion, passion, and passion! Passion for the libretto! Passion for the music! Passion for the theatre makers! – Pollyanna Eyler Read Full Story

Merry Widow – Online Program

By Pollyanna Eyler October 18, 2022 04:24 PM
View the online program at the link below: Read Full Story

Remembering the HFAC

By Lillian Bills March 22, 2022 02:46 PM
Letters, pictures, voice recordings, journals, videos. There are so many ways to remember and communicate our experiences long after we or the people and the places we made the memories with are gone. Jane Austen wrote not only novels and poems, but also many letters and journals. Unfortunately for us, most of her personal writings were burned by her sister Cassandra upon Jane Austen’s death to keep Jane’s personal life private. Additionally, throughout Pride and Prejudice, letters are used as confessions of love, anger, and sadness. Read Full Story

Dancing Through the Ages and Adaptations of Jane Austen

By Emma Rollins March 14, 2022 10:49 AM
What kind of person are you at a dance? Are you more like Lydia, who loves to dance and be the center of attention? Or are you more like Mr. Darcy, who sticks to the walls and maybe eats a few refreshments. Or are you somewhere in between? Read Full Story

Holy Culture

By Emma Rollins February 25, 2022 11:03 AM
While music has always been an integral part of many cultures, for Native Americans dance and music are very special to their culture. From healing dances such as the Jingle Dress dance to spiritual ones like the Eagle Dance to more fun PowWow style dances such as the Fancy Dances, their culture is very connected to the Heavenly Spirit in many ways. So we invited some people who were Native American to come and speak to the cast and crew. We were able to invite Cheyanne Elton, a dancer with Living Legends in the Native American section who’s also minoring in American Indian Studies, and we invited Naabaahii Tsosie, a Native American dancer who travels the world and shows off his culture. Cheyanne was able to talk with us a lot about their culture, and Naabaahii was able to talk with us and show us some of the things behind dance in his culture. Read Full Story

Anti-Racism References: Listen, Learn, Love, Action

By Kristie Post Wallace February 23, 2022 11:50 AM
References compiled in connection with the BYU Contemporary Voices Reading of The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa FastHorse. Read Full Story

Just Ask

By Emma Rollins February 23, 2022 11:27 AM
Being a white woman, I have no place to make commentary on Native American/Indigenous People’s lives and their culture. So work on this production was very hard to approach because we needed the points of view that the characters strive for in the play but we needed actual resources. Through The Tribe of Many Feathers and some other connections, I was able to find Cheyanne Elton who is of Navajo descent, dancing in the Living Legends Native American Section (with a minor in American Indian Studies), and Naabaahii Tsosie who is also of Navajo descent. He is the previous President of the Tribe of Many Feathers at BYU, and he also travels the world dancing Native American dance. Both were able to come and were willing to talk with the cast about their families and their connections with the culture. After the cast did some research and sent me questions for the special guests, Cheyanne and Naabaahii were prepared to share their perspectives. They both have connections with the Navajo tribe and were very willing to talk about their experiences as well as their families’ experiences, jobs on reservations, experiences they’ve had with racism, and their thoughts on representation. They answered many hard questions. Read Full Story

Cast and Creative Team List

February 19, 2022 12:07 PM
BYU College of Fine Arts and CommunicationsSchool of MusicPresents Read Full Story


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