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2021-2022 Season

BYU Theatre and Media Arts is proud to present our 2021-22 season of main stage productions. The titles listed below will be performed as part of our very last season in the Harris Fine Arts Center, before construction begins on the new fine arts building. For more information about any of our productions, click on the links below. More detailed information is usually available roughly two weeks before the show opens. So check back often!

Click on any of these links to discover more dramaturgical information about each production.

Luna, by Ramon Esquivel

Microburst, by various student playwrights

Escape from Planet Death, by Tom Russell

Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

As You Like It, by William Shakespeare

Contemporary Voices, by various playwrights

Fiddler on the Roof, by Joseph Stein

Pride and Prejudice, by Kate Hamil

BYU Music Production

Opera Scenes