2016-2017 Season,  Mary Poppins

What Would You Do If You Were……?

by Ting Chun Chang, dramaturg

DSC0193607-681x1024When I was exploring the characters’ personalities and their relationships, I had a strong feeling that each one of them were meant to be together to learn a lesson. I do not know if it is solely an eastern belief that “family is the Tao place,” but I feel all the members in the Banks family were changed because of the journey they took together.

Let me clarify, the “Tao.” It is translated as “the way.” My father told me that family is the place, or the way, where we learn about ourselves and how to become a better person.

Each character in the play is facing challenges in life. If we imagine ourselves as one of the characters, what would we do? There are specific questions for each character on page 16 of the Mary Poppins’ program. We invite you to leave your in the comments below! 

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