2015-2016 Season,  Charlotte's Web

Welcome to the Zuckerman Farm!

by Jessa Cunningham, dramaturg

barnCome one, come all! Come along and see Zuckerman’s famous pig– the miracle pig! He is quite a sight to see, I do tell you. Get a little closer so you can get a real good look at him. We’re awfully happy that you want to come and see Wilbur.

In just a few weeks, audiences will have the opportunity to see the famous Zuckerman farm onstage here at BYU. It’ll be quite the occasion. People from counties all over will be coming to see these beloved characters! In the mean time, though, I am here to keep you in the know with all that is happening while we prepare the farm for your arrival.

As we bring this beloved story to life, there will be plenty of fun things to share. Stay tuned for interviews, brief glimpses into the rehearsal process, insights into the world of Charlotte’s Web, and other great events that happen along the way. Wilbur, Charlotte, and the rest of the animals are so excited to become your friends!


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