2015-2016 Season,  Water Sings Blue

We Were Awestruck

by Spencer Duncan, dramaturg

Photo credit: Michael Comp. Used with permission.

On a research trip to the aquarium, we were awestruck.

What in the past was the realm of myth, inspiring selkies and mermaids, is now tangible fact, though scientific inquiry. But it hasn’t lost it’s magic.

Sea turtle eyes are sage. Sharks glide with dead, empty grins. You can handle and touch sea urchins and sting rays.

The ocean is inspiring. It deserves poetry.

For the water sings blue and the sky does, too,
and the sea lets you fly like a gull.

-“Song of the Boat”, Water Sings Blue, Kate Coombs

Will you get to meet a shy octopus? Be graced by majestic sea jellies? Witness the sound of a blue whale passing by?

We invite you to play with us. Tickets are now on sale at arts.byu.edu.



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