2012-2013 Season,  Holiday

Two Weddings and an Engagement

by Bianca Morrison Dillard, dramaturg

Working on this romantic comedy has proven to be quite romantic for our cast and crew. Through the course of rehearsal and production we have had two marriages and an engagement. Here at BYU, we don’t waste any time–no need to wait until your plate is less full or there is a break between semesters; one long weekend, or a couple of days away from rehearsal is all you need.

Here’s a little more about the good news:

Taylor Warburton (now Fonbuena) was the first to get hitched.

She and her husband Ricky Fonbuena were married October 13th. She and Ricky have been friends since the age of three. Initially, Taylor didn’t think she could audition because of the wedding, but Ricky was the one to encourage her. He said, “What’s there to lose?” We are all grateful he did because Taylor has been an invaluable asset to the cast.

Heather Bosen our Stage Manager was next in line with an engagement.

Garrett Breeze proposed to Heather October 16. They met when Heather was a stage manager and Garrett a member of the Young Ambassadors band that played for BYU’s production of Love’s Labors Lost. It’s been fun for Heather to be engaged while doing a play about an engaged couple. She continues to see parallels to her own engagement–for instance, her parents are pushing for a long engagement, while Heather and Garrett want a short one. After they get married in January they will have the opportunity to tour together with the Young Ambassadors.

Last but not least, Magarin Hobson got married over the Thanksgiving break.

Magarin, our leading man, and his new wife, Leslie Hiatt, married  November 24th. They met here at BYU. Leslie recently graduated as an MDT major and Magarin will shortly finish his BFA in Acting. Working on this production came at an important time in his life. Magarin deeply related to his free-spirited character and now feels more empowered, hand in hand with Leslie, to live life as it comes and pursue his dreams.

There you have it, three snippets of three real love stories happening behind the scenes of our production of Holiday. This is Holiday’s last weekend–if you haven’t seen it yet this is your last chance. Who knows maybe, it could be the start of your own love story. . .

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  • Anne

    I am hopelessly romantic, even though I pretend not to be! I have enjoyed reading about the “Holiday” journey, and I think this is my very most favorite-est of all your posts, Bianca. *sigh* I just love love!

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