2017-2018 Season,  The Glorious Story Emporium

The Long and Short of Improvisation

by Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg



The Glorious Story Emporium will whet your appetite for local improv!  The following local improv shows are on my bucket list and I hope to see them in the not too distant future:

  1. ComedySportz:  https://www.comedysportzutah.com/

Patrick Livingston, director of Glorious Story Emporium is a “player” here. In the words of their website: “Whether you’re going out with your friends, that special someone, ladies night, or stag, our fun interactive atmosphere and good vibes guarantee you’ll have a fantastic evening.”

  1. ImprovBroadway:  http://www.improvbroadway.com/classes.html

Calee Gardner is an alumnus and you can be one too! At ImprovBroadway you don’t have to just sit back and enjoy only as a member of the audience with the potential for participation. ImprovBroadway offers a series of four sequential classes so you can join them on stage as the next undiscovered star!

  1. Laughing Stock:  http://www.laughingstock.us/

Touting twenty years of family-friendly fun in Salt Lake City, or they can bring the party to you!

  1. Besides coming to see The Glorious Story Emporium, what are some of your favorite local improv shows?

Have you seen any of the ones listed above? Which did you enjoy and why? What are some of your top picks? Put your links and ideas in the “Comments Section” at the end of this blog, thanks for sharing!


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