2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

Tech Week!

by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg

Tech week is one of the most exciting moments in any show. It’s the time when we get to leave our rehearsal room, move onto stage, and add all of the production elements. To help the actors adapt to all the changes we usually make a gradual transition.


2015-05-08 10.46.49While still in the rehearsal room, actors are given certain rehearsal props and costumes to help them in the creation of their characters. In the case of Princess Academy, all the girls were given rehearsal skirts and all the characters were given rehearsal books and and other items (such as the miri flower). We also added all of the instruments used in the show.

Tech day 1:

2015-05-20 19.33.51The first day of tech included adding the set and sound. One of the biggest changes for our actors is the ramps on our stage. They finally had the opportunity to climb the mountain!

Tech day 2:

Book BeeIt’s time to add the props! In order to support Director Megan Sanborn Jones’ vision of the show, prop designer Scott Jackson made all of the props out of paper, letters, and books.

Tech days 3-4:

2015-05-26 19.25.24This is what we call an “All Tech.” The final elements of the show (lights, costumes, and make-up) are added into the mix. Day 3 is spent working through all the cues in act 1 and day 4 is spent working through act 2.

Tech days 5-7:

2015-05-26 21.37.29The time has come to run the show! These are our dress rehearsals, where the goal is to do the show exactly as if it was a real performance. This means starting at our normal curtain time and trying to never stop. The director, playwright, dramaturgs, and designers sit in the audience making notes about what is working and what still needs to change. At the end of the nights, the actors and designers are given feedback and we rehearse any moments that need some extra attention.

Tech day 8:

Which is today! Tonight is the time when we finally get to add the final element of the show: the audience! Our final day of tech is known as the “preview performance.” Friends, families, and students are invited to see the show before we officially open. While we always reserve the right to stop the show if necessary (it is, after all, still a rehearsal), we hope that everything will go smoothly!


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