2020-2021 Season,  Suffrage

Suffrage Playbill


Ruth: Juniper Taylor

Frances: Claire Eyestone


Director: Emily Trejo                                                                     

Stage Manager: Tiffany Irizarry  

Costume Designer: Claire Eyestone   

Hair and Makeup Designer: Becca Christiansen   

Sound Designer and Foley Artist: Tiffany Gibbons    

Composer: Scott Buckley

Dramaturg: Sammy Daynes  

Assistant Dramaturg: Lisa Eardley

Director’s Note

As a theatre maker, it is my goal to present people who typically are not represented on the stage. When I first interacted with Suffrage it was clear to me that this was a story that needed to be shared with a larger audience. Women aren’t typically presented as strong powerful women but here we had two very different women who have a strong love for different things. Individuality and a family are things that many modern women struggle with. It is hard to believe that these women from the 1800s and women today are still dealing with these same issues. I hope that from this show we can learn to accept both of these identities and be able to lead the lives we want without fear of ridicule from those around us.

Emily Trejo

Playwright’s Note

The fight for women’s rights was nowhere hotter or more fraught than in territorial Utah in the late 1800s. Having granted women suffrage in 1870 – second among the would-be states only to neighboring Wyoming – Utah saw its women stripped of their voting rights by a Congress eager to use the issue to stamp out what it considered a burgeoning evil: Mormonism, and the practice of polygamy. Suffrage explores the impact of this confluence of battles through the eyes of two women – sister wives torn between the Law and their God.

Jenifer Nii


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