2020-2021 Season,  Suffrage

Sister Wives: Publicity Photos for Suffrage

Even though this performance will be an audio drama, it was originally conceived as a live, in-person production, including costume design by Claire Eyestone. We hope you enjoy these pictures of Eyestone’s original costume designs, and that they give you perspective as you listen to this performance of Suffrage.

Frances (left) played by Claire Eyestone, and Ruth (right) played by Juniper Taylor, share a husband, a family, and a sisterly bond.
Frances’ beliefs that a woman’s first duty is to her home sometimes conflict with Ruth’s determination to win the vote.



Ruth can’t understand how Frances can be so passive in the fight for women’s suffrage.



Despite their differences in opinion, the two friends find a moment to laugh.
Claire Eyestone (Frances) wears the traditional dress of the 19th Century, while Juniper Taylor (Ruth) wears the outfit of a modern woman. Two groups of women, united in purpose throughout the decades.



Frances and Ruth rely on each other and look to the future with hope.


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