2012-2013 Season,  Phantom of the Opera

Phantastic Phantom Progress

by Nicholas Sheets, dramaturg

The other week we sat down in production meeting to discuss our visual projections for the show. Pretty much the entire meeting was devoted to hashing out the process of filming certain scenes in order to project them later in stills and in videos during the show. Since Phantom of the Opera is set in the 1880’s, the director desired to have more of a flicker book feel to the videos, since the “motion picture” was still a new invention at the turn of the 19th century. I am super excited to see this collaboration between the media arts and the theater department. Having both of these departments working together just adds another level of creativity and awe to this production.

Also, Dr. Tanner, the co-director is a professor at Eastern Michigan University, and myself, are working on our study guide for the playbill as well as the lobby display. With some collaboration between the two of us, and the visual arts department, we have a working display for our production. One of the problems with the HFAC is that the majority of space seen inside the main area of the building is used for the visual arts department. Students showcase their work and ideas in really neat ways.

photo by Hilarie Ashton

However, when it comes to theater students using that space we need the visual arts department’s approval. Jason, with Gallery 303, was super kind and offered some walls and space so that we could put something on display for all of you who will be attending this production, and which also respects the space needed for the visual arts department. I’m really excited as we continue with neat ideas of what to put in this “lobby display.” If you have any ideas to offer that would be really neat. Just add your comments at the end of the entry. We will take all comments into consideration as we near our deadline to have something put together.

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