2016-2017 Season,  Argonautika

Meet the Cast of Argonautika (Part 1 of 2)

by Haley Flanders, dramaturg

Welcome to part 1 of 2 blog posts dedicated to cast introductions. The biographies in the program will teach you a little about these talented and dedicated performers…in fifty words or less! That is just simply not enough, don’t you agree? Luckily, this remarkable cast has provided behind-the-scences information about their backgrounds, majors, things they love about the show, and their goals in theatre after Argonautika. Here are 8 cast introductions. Tune in soon for part 2, with information on 8 MORE actors, equally as wonderful and gifted as the ones you see here. And don’t forget to buy your tickets. The show opens June 2 and runs through June 17 in the Pardoe Theatre on BYU Campus (Harris Fine Arts Center). See you there!

Christine1 copyMeet Christine Detweiler

Characters: Aphrodite, Meleager’s Mother, and a Goddess of the Desert

From: Ashburn, Virginia

College: Senior at BYU, majoring in Theatre Education with a minor in English

Favorite thing about acting in this play: Being able to tell such a unique story with so many creative storytellers (plus the killer heels).

Theatre goals: I want to be a high school theatre teacher.

Christine in rehearsal for Argonautika, instructing the Argonauts on the Argo.

Tommy Profile PicMeet Tommy Kindall

Characters: Hercules and King Aeetes

From: Ellington, Connecticut

College: Sophomore at BYU, majoring in Theatre Education Major with a minor in History Education

Favorite thing about acting in this play: Acting in this show has taught me even more how to work with a cast of so many different people. This show relies so much on the entire cast, and if we don’t work together, the show would be impossible. I love how close we’ve come as a cast, it’s almost like we’re a family now. Hercules is my favorite character to play, because he’s much more fun and he has different emotional levels that I can have fun with.

Theatre goals: I want to teach theatre in high school, but I also want to be able to make students have a space for every student to feel comfortable and to feel welcome. I want to inspire students to do what they love, and I hope to do that through theatre.

Tommy portraying the confident and arrogant Hercules, as he announces himself during the roll call scene.


OliviaMeet Olivia Ockey

Characters: Medea, Pelias’s Son, and Dyrope

From: Lindon, Utah

College: Sophomore at BYU, majoring in Acting (BFA) 

Favorite thing about acting in this play: My favorite part of acting in this show is getting to come and play with some really awesome people. I love being with the cast and crew and creating with them. This play has so many beautiful moments and it’s a blast to watch them come to life with good friends.

Theatre goals: I want to use theatre to start meaningful conversations. It’s such a powerful tool to teach and communicate with. When I perform, my goal is to touch someone – even just one person – and to give them something to think deeply about.

Olivia portraying Medea after she has been struck with Eros’s arrow and falls madly in love with Jason, leader of the Argo.


DSC_0544 NEWMeet Jordan Peterson

Characters: Hylas, Zetes, and Aeete’s servant

From: Sturgis, Michigan

College: 3rd semester at BYU, Pre-Acting major

Favorite thing about acting in this play: I love each new discovery we make about the characters, story and actions as we keep putting together this show. It’s like building an extremely complex puzzle, but the pieces are people which makes it all beautiful!

Theatre goals: One day I will be able to answer any questions you have about every aspect of theatre. I will do the impossible – support a family through theatre, and I will infuse all of my art with the God’s love for you.

Jordan portraying Hylas, best friend to Hercules. Watch for the significance of that pitcher in this scene!



Meet Samm Madsen

Characters: Andromeda, Asterion, and Fury

From: West Jordan, Utah

College: 4th semester at BYU, majoring in Theatre Arts Studies with an emphasis in playwriting

Favorite thing about acting in this play: I love the snap, crackle and pop of the energy that zips around the room as we rehearse. We have a Zippendipidous cast, and there are always new discoveries sparking into existence. It’s great fun!

Theatre goals: I want to write plays that include God, and include the audience, without apologizing and without simpering. It’s a fine line.

Samm portraying Asterion, an obedient servant to the stingy King Pelias.


IMG_0413Meet Ezra Chia

Characters: Uncle (to Meleager), Ghost, and Amycus the Boxer

From: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

College: Junior at BYU, majoring in Theatre Education with a minor in Business

Favorite thing about acting in this play: My favorite part about being in this show is the incredible people that both tech and act in it. Everyone is so supportive and open to new thoughts, ideas, and experiments that it makes for an incredible environment to grow and perform.

Theatre goals: To become a high school theatre teacher, act in some community shows, and write and produce my own productions.

Ezra portraying Uncle, introducing himself during the roll call.


DSC_4924Meet Molly Howard

Characters: Dymas and a Goddess of the Desert

From: Rockledge, Florida

College: Sophomore at BYU, majoring in Theatre Arts Studies with an emphasis in directing

Favorite thing about acting in this play: My favorite part about being a cast member for Argonautika is the ensemble environment. We all get to work together to create this world for the audience.

Theatre goals: I want to create art that celebrates the mundane realities of life. I want to write, direct, and produce films with no background music, no arc, and no pretense.

Molly portraying Dymas, a traveler prepared to help Jason and the Argonauts on their journey to find the golden fleece. She joins them on the Argo.



Ian Buckley Headshot Original

Meet Ian Buckley

Characters: Tiphys and Apsyrtos

From: Sandy, Utah

College: Freshman at BYU (second semester), majoring in Acting (BFA)

Favorite thing about acting in this play: This cast is uproarious fun to work with, and it’s my first time in a while being in a show. Getting back in the game is wonderful.

Theatre goals: I want to act. That’s about it. I’d like to experiment with film some day, but for now I’m focusing on learning and developing as an actor as much as I can.

Ian portraying Apsytros, Medea’s brother, discouraging her from traveling with her new beloved Jason and boarding the Argo.


Featured in the upcoming blog post, entitled “Meet the Cast of Argonautika (Part 2 of 2)” will be the following performers of our incredible company:

  • Courtney Dilmore
  • Hannah Staley
  • Kiersten Zundel
  • BJ Warner
  • Dylan Wright
  • Devin Davis
  • Costner Henson
  • Tyler Scott Mitchell

Stay tuned!

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