2012-2013 Season,  Servant of Two Masters

Design Insights: The Servant Set

by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg

In our production meetings, we’ve had the privilege of seeing the evolution of the scenic design for The Servant of Two Masters. Designer Eric Fielding and his assistant Logan Hayden have been hard at work at creating a set that reflects director Stephanie Breinholt’s concept for the show.

The design accentuates Stephanie’s vision of a production where all the visual elements have a timeless feel, with no specific time period. Located in a traditional Italian piazza, the set combines different period from the forced perspective of historical design to the “Laugh-in” style of doors and windows.  The combination of these different elements, design styles and periods, creates the perfect stage for this zany production.

Here’s a picture of Eric’s original design.

Set Design courtesy of Eric Fielding
Set Design courtesy of Eric Fielding

And currently, if you walk through the tunnel of the HFAC, you can see the different elements under construction.

Photo Jan 30, 6 52 48 PMPhoto Jan 30, 6 53 13 PM

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