2014-2015 Season,  The Count of Monte Cristo

The Curtain Goes Up

by Holly Mancuso, dramaturg

Audience members after the show
Audience members after the show

The Count of Monte Cristo opened to rave reviews last week! The show has been entirely sold out, with people entering drawings beforehand for a chance to get tickets.

After the show, people have been mingling in the HFAC lobby to talk about what they saw and greet cast members. Viewers have been really excited about everything. Some thoughts overheard amongst the crowd: “I’m very happy we got to go” “I had such a fun time!” “The projections were incredible” “I loved the flying” “It’s a great show, very upbeat” Other talked-about highlights include the lovely voices and heartfelt songs, the upbeat choreography, the stunning and diverse costumes, the strong sound, and the themes of redemption and love.

Entering the World of Monte Cristo

As part of the production and helping the audience enter the world, I created a lobby display to be exhibited outside the theatre.

Two posters are shown outside the de Jong Concert Hall each night
Two posters are shown outside the de Jong Concert Hall each night

I wanted to help people understand the positions of all the different locations in the show. There are six specifically mentioned settings in the play, spanning across France and Italy (and the Mediterranean Sea in between), so it can get confusing trying to track the movement. With the help of a borrowed map from the Harold B. Lee Library, we were able to clearly show the various areas.

A close-up of the map in the lobby display.
A close-up of the map in the lobby display

Another aspect of the display is a board featuring some of the make-up and hair designs. Numerous designers and artists worked to create the signature looks of the characters. In this piece, we go a little bit into the process of creating the hair and make-up styles for the show.

Scans and descriptions feature the work of designers
Scans and descriptions feature the work of designers

Inside the south de Jong lobby on the third floor, there is also a costume on loan from BYU’s Costume Shop.IMG_20150124_173919_438 This is of a similar style to those seen in the later years of the show. Since this version of The Count of Monte Cristo spans almost 20 years, the costuming does change a little over time. More about the costumes can be seen in the program. Which moments stayed with you from the show? Comment below with your favorite parts!


  • Tamara

    It was a wonderful show, and I loved the center part of the program which provided more understanding to what was going on and what went on behind the scenes. The songs stayed with me, and I was glad I had seen it twice so more than one song kept spinning in my mind. Thanks for a tremendous production!!

  • Mark

    To say that the show was stupendous, especially the superb voices of all the performers and the outstanding orchestra that accompanied them, would be an understatement. Thanks so very much to one and all who used their talents and passions to create life-long memories!

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