2021-2022 Season,  Pride and Prejudice

Remembering the HFAC

by Lillian Bills, dramaturg

Letters, pictures, voice recordings, journals, videos. There are so many ways to remember and communicate our experiences long after we or the people and the places we made the memories with are gone. Jane Austen wrote not only novels and poems, but also many letters and journals. Unfortunately for us, most of her personal writings were burned by her sister Cassandra upon Jane Austen’s death to keep Jane’s personal life private. Additionally, throughout Pride and Prejudice, letters are used as confessions of love, anger, and sadness. 

As we say goodbye to our beloved building, I invite you to remember and share your experiences here.  Respond to as many or as few of the following prompts as you wish. If you are willing, share some pictures (with dates and captions) as well. 


What was your first impression of the building? 


Do you have a favorite room? Why?


What was the hardest thing you experienced in this building?


What was the happiest thing you experienced in this building?


How did you spend your time at the HFAC? 


What rules did you break here? What rules did you make here?


What have you learned in the building?


What friendships were made here?


What do you like about this building?


What makes you laugh about this building?


When have you laughed hardest in this building?


What do you want people to remember about this building? 


Write a poem or an ode to the building

Google form submission: https://bit.ly/hfacmemories


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