• 2018-2019 Season

    Elixir of Love Cheat Sheet

    Elixir of Love – Opera Cheat Sheet A basic guide to understanding BYU’s production of The Elixir of Love, running June 12-15 By Daniel Mesta, Dramaturg   Scroll down for more information about the following: Dramaturg’s Note Synopsis Setting The Life of Donizetti Cast/Creative Bios   Dramaturg’s Note I don’t consider myself to be a particularly romantic person. When I hear the quiet whispers of lovers seated in a park or see the nervous young gentleman approaching my neighbor’s door with flowers, I am overcome with feelings of cynicism and nonchalance.

  • 2018-2019 Season,  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

    What is Absurdism, Anyway?

    by Hannah Gunson-McComb, dramaturg “I don’t get it,” my mom says as she hands my phone back to me. I had shared a meme with her that I and my brother found extremely funny, but all the comedy was lost to her. “What do you mean, you don’t get it?” I asked, trying to find out why. “I mean I don’t understand it. It’s absurd.” “Just… take it at face value.” My mom stares at the phone again, her eyes squinting in confusion. “… Yeah, I still don’t get it.” *** When we usually use the word “absurd,” we’re describing irrational and illogical behavior or images, much like my mom,…

  • 2018-2019 Season,  Wonderland

    An Interview with Nick Palmquist, Choreographer

    By Richelle Sutton, dramaturg   Just as we were able to work with the composer of Wonderland, Frank Wildhorn, we had another special opportunity to have a guest choreographer travel from New York to Provo to help set some of our dances. Nick Palmquist is a well-known and widely popular choreographer. I asked him some questions in between choreography sessions with the cast. A portion of that interview appeared in the program study guide. Below is the full interview.   Richelle Sutton (RS): What is your general experience with Alice in Wonderland? Nick Palmquist: I think music theater in general, when a story is somewhat fictional or fantasy involved, is…

  • 2018-2019 Season,  Wonderland

    Who Was Lewis Carroll: The “Carroll Myth” and Other Facts

    by Richelle Sutton, dramaturg   What makes a person great? It’s hard to quantify that question into a specific definition. Some people are known for their many incredible life accomplishments. And sometimes people achieve historical fame through one grand act. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was an example of the latter. He is known worldwide under the pen name of Lewis Carroll, author of the prolific Alice in Wonderland books, however not many people know about the actual man behind the name. Over the years, many popular theories and suppositions have been circulated into common belief. Here, we would like to explore what we know about who Charles Dodgson was.   Who…

  • 2018-2019 Season,  Wonderland

    An Interview with Frank Wildhorn

    by Richelle Sutton, dramaturg It’s not very often that productions get to work closely with the original writers, but we had a special opportunity to workshop this musical at Brigham Young University with Frank Wildhorn, the composer of Wonderland. Frank even came down to Provo for a week to work with the cast on the music and production. While he was here, I was able to pull him aside for an interview. Below is the full text of this interview.     Richelle Sutton (RS): We were wondering if you could elaborate a little more on the impetus of [the idea for Wonderland.]   Frank Wildhorn: Sure. You know, you…

  • 2018-2019 Season,  Radium Girls

    Discover Elements of the Radium Girls in Your Life

    Elements by Pollyanna Eyler, BYU Radium Girls dramaturg   Last year, when I began reading about and researching the plight of the Radium Girls this scripture came to mind, “And now behold, I … do not desire to harrow up the souls of men in casting before them such an awful scene of blood and carnage as was laid before mine eyes … ” (Mormon 5:8). I wondered what a dramaturg could do to counteract such circumstances? The rest of the verse answered my question, “… but I, knowing that these things must surely be made known, and that all things which are hid must be revealed upon the house-tops—” (Mormon 5:8). So, I’m shouting what I learned about U.S.…

  • 2018-2019 Season,  Radium Girls

    Discover Solutions to Radium Girls Study Guide

    Answers by Pollyanna Eyler, BYU Radium Girls dramaturg Page 10 – Radium Shopping List The discovery of Radium in 1898 soon led to scientific advances in medicine. Radium was proven to reduce cancerous tumors and therefore considered not only safe, but healthy! Industry ingeniously jumped on the bandwagon promoting products across the spectrum, such as “Radium Hand Cleaner – takes off everything but the skin.” If you guessed that all of the products on the Radium Shopping List could be found with added radium, you’re correct! Products with added radium.  Bottled Water, “Radithor” Radium Brand Creamy Butter Schokolade, Radium German Chocolate Degnen’s Radio-Active Heating Pad Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste Crème Activa Face Cream…