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    Microburst: Post-Show Discussion

    by Andrew Justvig, dramaturg Part of the process of new play development is providing the playwrights an opportunity to receive feedback from fresh eyes. For Microburst Theatre Festival, we held a post-show discussion with the cast, audience, and playwrights. We try to engage the audience in discussions about the production and the playwright’s process as well. This is the post-show discussion on November 30, 2017, illustrating the type of discussion we wanted to engage in to help the playwrights in developing their plays.  

  • 2017-2018 Season,  Microburst Theatre Festival (2017)

    Microburst: Interview with a Playwright

    Brittni Henretty, playwright of A Night In, and the KTACTF awarding winning play, Game Four. by Andrew Justvig, dramaturg Microburst Theatre Festival highlights many playwriting students at Brigham Young University. This year, Microburst is featuring two plays from Brittni Henretty. Henretty is a graduate of the BFA acting program at BYU and is a regional winner at KTACTF for her 10-minute play Game Four. She was so kind to be interviewed on her journey as a playwright. What’s your first experience with playwriting? What drew you to it? I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing and coming up with stories in my head, but my first serious experience with playwriting was taking…

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    Microburst: The Playwright’s Imagination

    by Andrew Justvig, dramaturg Theatre is a place of discovery. Some call it an escape. Others may call it a sanctuary from the world. Whatever you call it, the credit for the escape from reality into fiction belongs to the artists that make a stage into a portal to the imagination. Actors, directors, and designers are often the face of theatrical presentations. (They do deserve credit!) However, they too are subject to the imagination of another; they wouldn’t be able to express their talents without the divine creators of plays, musicals, and operas. Who are these “gods” of creation in the theatrical world? They are none other than the playwrights!

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