2016-2017 Season,  Macbeth

All Hail Macbeth!

by Jessa Cunningham, dramaturg

Do you hear the beating of the drums off in the distance? Macbeth and his troops are approaching. Brace yourself for his arrival! Prepare yourself for the danger that Macbeth brings!

You’re in for a real treat this February here at BYU; Young Company¬†is producing one of Shakespeare’s most famous play:¬†Macbeth. It’ll be a play full of fighting, witchcraft, paranoia, ghosts, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this show– the cast is working hard on making sure this production is engaging for audiences of all ages!

Here on this blog, I will keep you updated on important things that relate to the show. This could include but is not limited to rehearsal updates, historical background information, educational and important tidbits, and cast highlights. If you want to stay in touch with what is happening with the show before it goes up, check back here frequently! I will work hard to keep you in the know.


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