2016-2017 Season,  Importance of Being Earnest

Welcome to Victorian London

by Jessa Cunningham, dramaturg

Can you hear the sounds of Victorian England coming to life all around you? Do you hear the clopping of the horse drawn carriages as they go down the street? Can you smell the scented perfume of a wealthy woman who just walked by? What about the sight of St. Paul’s Cathedral just peaking over the buildings?highres_6694597

If you can’t, no matter, you will in time. By the time I am through with you, you will have a good understanding of how the Victorians lived. I plan to take you back to the world that
Oscar Wilde wrote, resided, and struggled in. What better way to see and absorb a show than to first understand its origins and inspirations?

Good day to all of you reading this post! My name is Jessa Cunningham, and I am the dramaturg of BYU’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest. I will be updating this page with posts weekly pertaining to our production. The posts may range from historical information, rehearsal insights, or other valuable tidbits I think you should know. This is only one of many, so keep coming back for more content! It will be a pleasure exploring this world with you.


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