by Eric Stroud, dramaturg

Welcome Back! I hope you enjoyed last week’s look inside of the puppeteers for this show. Now, to dig a little deeper as I promised. Meet the all male stars of this show. Each with his own face and personality.

Peter QuinceThis is Peter Quince. As leader of the mechanical’s acting troupe, he has a rather bossy-bossiness to him. From the pronunciation of Ninus’ Tomb to the lover’s kiss, he would have everything perfect for the play he is putting on… He’s a bit prideful…

Eric: What is your name?

Peter Quince: Peter Quince

Eric: What do you like most about yourself?

Peter Quince: The fact that I am following my dreams to become an actor, producer, and director.

Eric: What should the audience be most excited about for the show?

Peter Quince:  I have pulled together an amazing group of actors, to perform a marvelous show!

FluteThis is Flute. Tall and flowing, despite his longing for manliness he is often cast as a woman. But he plays one well.

Eric: What is your name?

Flute: I’m Flute! I’m not sure why I was named after a musical instrument but I think it might have something to do with the fact that I’m so long and skinny. It’s fitting but it’s not really a name the ladies swoon over, ya know?

Eric: What do you like most about yourself?

Flute: I have a wonderful beard coming in, it’s very exciting. I’m hoping it’ll help me appear more masculine. I just really want a girlfriend.

Eric: What should the audience be most excited about for the show?

Flute: Well, I play a woman a lot.. Lots of wigs and high, squeaky voices. That should be interesting…

Stay tuned for the second portion of this post, The Puppet Behind the Face: Part 2!

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