by Bianca Morrison Dillard, dramaturg

When people ask me what project I’m working on, I’ve gotten used to saying,  “Holiday—it’s by the same guy who wrote The Philadelphia Story.”  This statement is quickly followed by signs of recognition—usually an “Oh!” combined with a smile and nod of the head. Then I talk about how, like The Philadelphia StoryHoliday is a witty romantic sort of comedy, about the American upper-class. I mention how it too has some sweet-hearted and thought-provoking twists along the way.
Next, I usually remind them that Holiday is a Hollywood classic in its own right and that they may have seen the 1938 version starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Like these classic movies, our production of Holiday will feature a star-studded cast of BYU celebs, and up and coming new faces. You see, Holiday is the annual BFA acting final production. A BFA is a Bachelors in Fine Arts and it’s a very concentrated study of acting. BFA acting students are taught by professional working actors and directors as well as scholars. They learn a myriad of different acting techniques from all time periods–they learn how to move, breathe, use their voices and stand. They learn accents, stage combat, and even how to juggle. Most importantly they learn how to communicate with each other and an audience. It’s a very competitive course of study and students are required to audition yearly to stay in the program.  The students have to continue to progress and meet standards of proficiency each year. Needless to say, it’s an intense program, and in a few short weeks you will have the opportunity witness the culmination of all their hard work.

Our production features a good mix of acting seniors who are about to enter the professional world of theatre and film and some brand new students who are working hard to make a good impression, all under the expert direction of veteran actor, acting coach, director, and head of the BFA acting track Barta Heiner.  Here’s a little bit about each of our stars.

Becca Ingram (Linda Seton): From American Fork, UT, a graduating Senior in Acting. Recent credits at BYU include Beth in Merrily We Roll Along & Anne in The Diary of Anne Frank. She recently received the National Classical Acting Award at the American College Theater Festival in Washington D.C.

Magarin Hobson (Johnny Case): From Grantsville, Utah. Senior in BFA Acting. Recent credits at BYU include Armado in Loves Labors Lost, Lord John in Elephant Man, & Keith in Stage Door, also Lachie in The Hasty Heart at Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley.

Mallory Gee (Julia Seton): From Elk Grove, California. Senior in Theatre Arts Studies. Recent credits include Becca in Rabbit Hole. Recently participated in BYU’s 24 Hour Theatre Project staring in Haystack, and she is currently filming in the Pick Your Own Adventure webseries.

Eric Gourley (Ned Seton): From Las Vegas, Nevada. Senior in BFA Acting. Recent credits include: Elephant Man, Scarlet Pimpernel, and Persuasion.

Alexander Trop (Edward Seton): From Salt Lake City, UT. Junior in Acting. Recent credits at BYU include Harun-al Rashid in Arabian Nights and Robert in Proof. Also appeared as Mortimer in The Fantasticks at the Brinton Black Box Theatre.

Andrew Joy (Nick Potter): From Clinton, Utah. Senior in Acting with a minor in Sociology. BYU credits include Mike in White Christmas, Babe in Babe the Sheep-pig, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, and Bridegroom in Blood Wedding. He also produced Stephen Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along last year at BYU.

Taylor Warburton (Susan Potter): From Las Vegas, Nevada. A graduating Senior in Theatre Arts Studies. Recent Credits include Helena in Utah Shakespeare in the Park’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Maria in Love’s Labours’ Lost at BYU.

Billy Hagee (Seton Cram): From Mckinney, TX. Freshman in the Music Dance Theatre program here at BYU. Recent credits at BYU include Philips in Casey at the Bat. This is Billy’s second role at BYU.

Sarah-lucy Hill (Laura Cram): from Sacramento, California. Senior in the Theater Arts Studies. Recent credits: Ashera in A Roof Overhead ZIon Theater Company, Meructia in Romeo and Juliet, Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing Utah Shakespeare in the Park.

Jordan Nicholes
(Henry): From Fort Worth, Texas. Freshman at BYU studying acting. Recent credits include Mr. Smith in The Bald Soprano at BYU’s Mask Club, and Cristopher Columbus in Mariner at San Antonio College.

Michael Comp
(Delia): From New York City, NY. Freshman in Theatre Arts Studies. Recent credits include placing third in the New York Shakespeare Competition. This is Michael’s first role in a BYU production.