• 2012-2013 Season,  Servant of Two Masters

    Serving Up a Trailer

    by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg If you are an avid BYU theatre fan, you probably have noticed that the department releases trailers for all the shows.  Just like a movie trailer, these trailers are a great way to get an instantaneous understanding of the overall feel of the show you are about to see. The trailer for The Servant of Two Masters is no exception. As tomorrow (Friday) is opening night, it seemed like the right moment to share. Hopefully it brings a little joy to your day.

  • 2012-2013 Season,  Phantom of the Opera

    End of Phantom Tech Week

    by Nicholas Sheets, dramaturg The time has come for the actors to rest before opening night. They have gone through an arduous week of tech rehearsals. However, even before the actors began to go live on stage, the production crew gathered together for what is called “paper tech” rehearsal. Paper tech is a rehearsal where the stage manager, lighting designer, stage designer, sound designer, costume designers, and just about every person involved in the technical aspect of the show, gather together and make sure all their notes coincide. Since I wasn’t part of the technical crew I went to see first-hand what goes on in these meetings. While incredibly dry…