2015-2016 Season,  Mother Courage and Her Children

Mother Courage: Shattered Beyond Repair

bloodyhandBy: Eric Stroud, dramaturg

Hello there. Will you do something for me? Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine your most prized possession. Picture it as clearly as you can. Now, imagine that possession is in the middle of the road. As you watch your possession in the middle of the road, imagine a giant, speedy diesel truck runs over it and smashes it to pieces. As you try and gather up the pieces of your possession, you realize it is useless. It is destroyed beyond repair.

helpless mother            Mother Courage and Her Children is the story of prized possessions being destroyed beyond repair. It is gritty, and dark, and unpleasant. As a Mother tries to keep her children alive during one of the most violent and deadly wars of 1600’s Europe, we are shown what it is like to loose everything. We are shown what its like to be completely helpless, to the whims of something bigger than ourselves. We are shown that war, though often romanticized in every age, may still just be people taking other people’s lives.

As I post these blog posts every week, I intend to take you on the journey of our production of Mother Courage. From providing insights to the mind of Director Dave Morgan, to discoveries made inside the rehearsal space, we will explore what Mother Courage means, and why Brecht wrote it. See you soon.


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