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    A “Quid Pro Quo”

    by Richelle Sutton, dramaturg You may have heard this phrase before (if you’ve ever listened to Hamilton.) “Quid pro quo” is still commonly used today, though it is a Latin phrase meaning “this for that” and is most common in political circles. Ironically, “Quid” is also a well-known nickname for the pound, and so the phrase has also become a play on words, when used in common speech. What does this have to do with Mill on the Floss? Why, it’s money, of course!

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    Actor, Paige Fletcher: Slightly Suspicious … and Squirrelly

    by Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg. “It’s a bird, it’s a leaf, it’s a … wait, wait, it’s a flying squirrel?!?!”     Costumes play a big part in most plays, including The Glorious Story Emporium, where costumes fit hand in glove with the art of deception. Read how Paige Fletcher’s theatrical career also made a flying-squirrel-sized leap from “great singing voice” to “Les Mis” ingenue actress via the art of deception, then jumped in with both feet as a costumed “Squirrel.” Of course, as Lord Byron wrote in Don Juan, “After all, what is a lie? ‘Tis but The truth in masquerade.” (Canto XI Stanza 37, 1823)

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    Join The Glorious Story Emporium … Go Green!

    by Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg          The costumes improvised during the show The Glorious Story Emporium are a mix of old, new, and recycled items. Want to make your friends “Green” with envy … or at least make your costume “Green” and planet friendly? Costumes are fun to wear and to create, especially when made out of something you already have on hand. Halloween is just around the corner, so here are my top picks for recycling items into DIY costumes:

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    Traveling Time & Space with Improv & Vaudeville

    by Pollyanna Eyler, dramaturg               From the 1880’s to the 1930’s and beyond, Vaudeville sprawled across the vast North American continent and reached beyond to other parts of the world, such as England, Germany, and Australia. Yet entertainment through variety shows and improvisation and variety acts that showcased talent that was traveling through town began long ago.

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    A Word Sung on BYU’s Vaudeville Would Smell As Sweet …

    by Pollyanna Eyler, dramaturg Can you match these “WORDS” about “WORDS” on the left, with the famous musicals (as shown at BYU) on the right? __________________________________ Then one day, I learned a word that saved my aching nose, The biggest word you ever heard and this is how it goes.               ___________________________________ I’d like to say a word in her behalf, Maria makes me laugh.             __________________________________ Words, Words, Words, I’m so Sick of Words, I get words all day through, first from him, now from you Is that all you blaggards can do? … Never do I ever…

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    How Storytelling Got Its Start

    By Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg. Once Upon A Time till Happily Ever After           “Once Upon a Time” … is how several favorite stories begin, ending with a “Happily Ever After.” Here are some ‘happily’ and some ‘not-so-happily’ ever after favorites of the Glorious Story Emporium Crew:   Wizard of Oz, Rory Scanlon, Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communications. The Chronicles of Narnia, Megan Sanborn Jones, Artistic Director, BYU Theatre What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Jennifer Reed, Production Manager Where the Wild Things Are, Julia Ashworth, Young Company Artistic Director

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    Actor, Rick Curtiss: The Tall Tale of the Coonskin Cap Grad

    by Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg “Once Upon A Time.” These four familiar words that grow into fanciful fairy tales and creative tall tales, like Paul Bunyan! Creative storytelling will drive the long-form improvisation at this year’s BYU main stage production of The Glorious Story Emporium. Of the five actors performing, the best way to distinguish Rick Curtiss is to say he’s “larger than life” in everything he says and does. In a recent Q&A exchange for 4th Wall Dramaturgy, Rick flexed his storytelling talent with humorous results. Here’s just a peek at the man, the myth, and the legend under The Coonskin Cap. Enjoy!

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    The Stories Behind Storytelling

    by Pollyanna Eyler, dramaturg The Glorious Story Emporium is all about telling stories (and finding creative ways to tell them with others!) Below you’ll find several resources for learning more about storytelling. 1. Timpanogos Storytelling Festival: timpfest.org/ On their website you can find details of this local festival’s origins, which started in our very own backyard, Orem, Utah. The site also has information on the dates, times, and tickets for next year’s Storytelling Festival and how you can get involved!

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    Coming Soon

    Posts for each production start about 2 weeks before opening night. Check back soon for more information about your favorite shows! If you want to make sure you never miss a post for your favorite show, then feel free to follow the 4th WALL. You’ll get an email every time a post goes up. You can even choose to only follow certain shows! The sign-up option is found to your right  —-> To learn more about all the shows in our 2018-2019 season, please go here.

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    PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: Meeting Members of the Cast & Crew, Part 4

    By Anne Flinders “It’s a distinct pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Brigham Young University’s world premiere production of Melissa Leilani Larson’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice opens this week. Coinciding with opening weekend, we want to introduce you to some of the people behind the scenes and on the stage of this exciting new play. Following is the fourth and final part in a series of interviews with cast members and designers whose work you will see when you see the show. TED BUSHMAN, MR. DARCY, BYU STUDENT “Mr. Darcy is a man of whom very little wrong can be said.”  Ted is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he grew up with one brother…