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    The Power of Connection

    by Laynie Calderwood, dramaturg Disconnect is a play about grief and grief can be an interesting thing, when you really look at it. The characters in this play are really doing everything BUT properly dealing with their grief and yet, somehow, that is more relatable for us as an audience than if they WERE properly dealing with their grief. Playwright, Rob Ackerman, wrote, “While Patty and Steve clash and fail to communicate, they manage to tidy an unkempt room, set a lavish table, and perform a whole domestic ballet” (Author’s Note, Disconnect). That’s why this show is so engaging, because it’s relatable. Everyone can see themselves up on the stage…

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    Virtual Program Guide for Talking With

    by Lillian Bills and Spencer Fields, dramaturgs This student theatre lab (mask club) production of Talking With… by Jane Martin was directed by Sarah McDonald, with dramaturgy by Lillian Bills and Spencer Fields. Below you can scroll through the virtual program for this production, or download the PDF version if you prefer. Thanks for watching!         Download the PDF here: Talking With Program  

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    WDA Concert Readings Go Virtual

    by Shelley Graham, dramaturgy supervisor Each fall semester we offer a course called “Writers Dramaturgs Actors Workshop.” Throughout the semester, students in the class will workshop, develop, and offer feedback on select plays by fellow student writers. The plays are carefully selected for this opportunity from among numerous student entries so that each week in class we get to improve our skills as dramaturgs while we help playwrights improve their skills as writers. At the end of the semester, we get to work on our acting skills, when we offer public concert readings of the plays we’ve been working on all semester. New eyes and ears on these drafts are…