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    The Stories Behind Storytelling

    by Pollyanna Eyler, dramaturg The Glorious Story Emporium is all about telling stories (and finding creative ways to tell them with others!) Below you’ll find several resources for learning more about storytelling. 1. Timpanogos Storytelling Festival: timpfest.org/ On their website you can find details of this local festival’s origins, which started in our very own backyard, Orem, Utah. The site also has information on the dates, times, and tickets for next year’s Storytelling Festival and how you can get involved!

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    Intersecting Improvisations: Where Short Skits Meet Long Yarns

    by Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg Children love to watch impromptu stories unfold and come to life, especially stories they can take part in, such is the way of improvisation. As a child, I loved acting out these made up stories with my siblings and the neighborhood kids. We didn’t own a camera, so we would just pretend to take turns making the motion of “rolling a camera” to “film” our story, and whenever possible, we’d perform our show in front of neighbors. It wasn’t until later that I realized that people actually “act” out stories “live” in front of a group of people called an “audience,” that the people performing are known…

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    Actor Calee Gardner: From Improv Broadway to Improv at BYU!

    by Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg Below is my interview with Calee Gardner. I first saw Calee appear on “stage” in TMA 115 Performance Studies class where we were grouped in sets of four students and required to put together a multimedia presentation of a poem for the rest of the class with only a few minutes of lead time. Drawing on her improvisational experience at ImprovBroadway, and utilizing her alluring singing voice, she created an impromptu free form jazz rendition on the spot that mesmerized! Calee is a shooting star, so catch her on campus in The Glorious Story Emporium before her rising star takes her into the stratosphere and you’re left paying…

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    The Long and Short of Improvisation

    by Pollyanna Eyler, Dramaturg     The Glorious Story Emporium will whet your appetite for local improv!  The following local improv shows are on my bucket list and I hope to see them in the not too distant future: ComedySportz:  https://www.comedysportzutah.com/ Patrick Livingston, director of Glorious Story Emporium is a “player” here. In the words of their website: “Whether you’re going out with your friends, that special someone, ladies night, or stag, our fun interactive atmosphere and good vibes guarantee you’ll have a fantastic evening.” ImprovBroadway:  http://www.improvbroadway.com/classes.html Calee Gardner is an alumnus and you can be one too! At ImprovBroadway you don’t have to just sit back and enjoy only…