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    I Hate Romeo and Juliet (Happy Valentine’s Day)

    by Hannah Gunson-McComb, dramaturg I believe it was my sophomore year of high school when my ability to “even,” as it were, officially tapped out; after three consecutive years studying this play in school, I couldn’t read or appreciate Romeo and Juliet anymore. I was surrounded by classmates who accepted, without question, that theirs was a story of love, fate, and star-crossed-ness. And as I looked around the room, all I could think of was, “This is why all of your relationships last two class periods.”   Not much has changed in the way of cynicism from then to now, as pertaining to Romeo and Juliet. I still bear a rather…

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    Romeo and Juliet: Deluxe

    by Hannah Gunson-McComb, dramaturg          Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl die less than three days later. Why does such a simple story spawn endless adaptations and parodies? How could such a story keep us entertained for so long? Lest you think this is a Shakespearean novelty, the story of “star-crossed lovers [who] take their life” has been one of humanity’s favorites. And it certainly wasn’t exclusive to Europe, either. Beyond the stage and song, artifacts and relics have been discovered that suggest Romeo and Juliet, as written by William Shakespeare, is but a distillation of true events and multi-cultural myths.…

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    “Dare to Suck”– A Weekend With Jose Cruz Gonzalez

    by Hannah Gunson McComb, dramaturg    Over a year ago, our director Julia Ashworth had thought about inviting Jose Cruz Gonzalez, a noted children’s theatre and bi-lingual playwright, to see Romeo y Julieta. Initially, the hope was that he would respond to it in its completion. As luck would have it, when Julia reached out to him in September of 2017, he was able to do much more than see it. At the end of last semester, he was able to come, meet, and workshop with us for an entire weekend.  

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