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    The Author Behind Anne

    by Richelle Sutton, dramaturg Lucy Maude Montgomery is the author of the Anne of Green Gables series, as well as hundreds of other short stories, essays, and poems. Although her life was not always happy or filled with limitless imaginings, she is still one of the most popularly read authors today. Anne has been loved by audiences worldwide, across years and generations. But to really appreciate the depth of this book, you must look at Montgomery’s own life.

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    “A Land of Ruby and Emerald and Sapphire”

    “Oh, my Island is matchless-matchless. I feel that I did some violence to my spirit by leaving it. I belong here. It is mine – I am its own. It is in my blood. There is a part of me that only lives here… this colorful little land of ruby and emerald and sapphire.” – L. M. Montgomery Many Anne of Green Gables fans will know that the timeless book written by L. M. Montgomery was based in a similarly timeless place – her childhood home of Cavendish, on Prince Edward Island. As dramaturg, I had a unique opportunity to travel to Prince Edward Island and do a little research into this…

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