• 2014-2015 Season,  Water Sings Blue

    Let’s Go Diving!

    by Spencer Duncan, dramaturg According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the ocean covers 70% of the world’s surface, yet 95% of it remains to be explored. What could be down there? We may not know, but through the efforts of oceanographers and marine biologists, we have discovered quite a bit. You can get a taste by diving into this clips from the BBC:

  • 2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

    Come Chat with the “Princess Academy” Cast

    by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg One of the traditions in the BYU Theatre and Media Arts Department is the Thursday post show. Each Thursday night, immediately following the performance, the cast and members of the production team join the dramaturg on stage to chat with the audience. This is a great opportunity for the audience to ask questions about what they saw on stage, learn more about the process that we went through, and to discuss the different topics of the show. For Princess Academy, we will be holding our traditional post shows on Thursday June 4th and Thursday June 11th. We invite you to join us in the Pardoe Theatre…

  • 2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

    Tech Week!

    by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg Tech week is one of the most exciting moments in any show. It’s the time when we get to leave our rehearsal room, move onto stage, and add all of the production elements. To help the actors adapt to all the changes we usually make a gradual transition. Pre-tech: While still in the rehearsal room, actors are given certain rehearsal props and costumes to help them in the creation of their characters. In the case of Princess Academy, all the girls were given rehearsal skirts and all the characters were given rehearsal books and and other items (such as the miri flower). We also added all…

  • 2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

    Backstage at the “Princess Academy” Photo Shoot

    by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg One fun moment in every show is when you get to take the publicity photos. Usually it is the first time that members of the cast get into full costume, make-up, and hair and fully create their characters for others. It is also a chance for the director to find that one image that effectively conveys the mood, message, and style of the show to the audience. For Princess Academy, director Megan Sanborn Jones wanted to concentrate on 3 things: 1. The Academy girls 2. The books 3. The mountain As Shannon Hale has stated that one of her major influences in creating Mt. Eskel was…

  • 2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

    Announcing the PRINCESS ACADEMY Book Drive!

    by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg Throughout her adventures at the academy, one of the most important lessons that Miri learns is the power and joy of reading. As the words and books come alive around her, she encounters stories and knowledge that have the ability to change her life. In order to celebrate the message of Princess Academy, the cast and crew want to share the gift of reading with those who – like Miri – have little opportunity to have a book of their own.  To help us with our goal, we are creating a mountain of books in the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC). We invite you to help…

  • 2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

    The Journey of Books

    by Heather Oberlander and Janine Sobeck, dramaturgs Do you love to read? Is your home or office full of books? In a world where books can be delivered instantly to your e-reader, it’s hard to imagine a time when reading a book was a rare privilege. And yet, throughout the history of time, the wondrous stories and important information contained within the pages of books have not been always available to everyone. To see how far we have come, check out our brief look into the journey of books. 1200 B.C. It is around this time that the Phoenicians created the first known alphabet. The first known use of writing…

  • 2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

    Shannon Hale on Books, Writing, and Seeing Her Stories Adapted

    by Janine Sobeck, dramaturg Shannon Hale is a native Utah writer who has taken the YA fiction world by storm. From her debut novel Goose Girl, to her popular Ever After High series, to her graphic novels, and more (including her popular adult adult fiction book Austenland – now a major motion picture), Shannon has entertained millions of readers with her wonderful characters and fascinating worlds. Her books have also garnered critical acclaim, landing her on the New York Times best-selling author list and winning many awards (including the prestigious Newbery Honor for Princess Academy). In honor of BYU’s theatrical adaptation of Princess Academy, I reached out to Shannon to hear…

  • 2014-2015 Season,  Princess Academy

    Welcome to Our “Princess Academy”

    By Janine Sobeck, dramaturg Welcome to Princess Academy. My name is Janine Sobeck and I am the dramaturg on this exciting new adaption of Shannon Hale’s popular book. As we prepare for our May 29th opening, I will be posting the journey our cast and creative team have taken to transform this story from the page to stage. Stay tuned for insights into the adaption process, sneak peeks into the rehearsal room, a look at the work of our designers, and even an interview with award winning author Shannon Hale. I hope that you will follow along before joining us in the Pardoe Theatre. A fan of the book? Let…

  • 2014-2015 Season,  A Winter's Tale

    Music and Performance with Patrick Livingston

    by Rick Curtiss, Dramaturg I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Livingston for today’s blog. He helped create the music and plays Autolycus in The Winter’s Tale. His double duty roles give fascinating insight into the creation of the show. After tonight’s (Thursday April 2nd) performance Patrick and the entire cast will be available for a post show discussion where you can be the interviewer and ask your questions about the show.

  • 2014-2015 Season,  A Winter's Tale

    Insights from Costume Designer Mary Farahnakian

    by Rick Curtiss, dramaturg At a recent post show discussion for The Winter’s Tale (held every Thursday night after the show), one of the first questions from the audience was about the amazing costumes. I’m happy to report that I had the pleasure of interviewing costume designer Mary Farahnakian right before the show opened, and am excited to share her insights with you. The costumes in the show are inspiring in both their attention to detail and dedication to the themes of the show.